Well, where should I start?

I am a passionate Salesforce Developer, Architect, Blogger, Trailhead Addict, Mentor, Trainer, and MORE..

After graduating from an Engineering College in Coimbatore, I started my career as a Technical Support Agent for a KPO company located in Mumbai back in 2008. And after 2 years I realised this is not what I am.

Then after learning JAVA & .NET, thinking that I can live the life like any other Engineer in Chennai, I was rejected by many customers for lack of experience (not knowledge), and made me realise that this is what I am.

After 2 months, my Account Manager asked me to take a challenge to learn a new technology/product called Salesforce and support a Retail Customer as an Administrator. After 3 months, learning Salesforce from PDFs and all possible material available online, I realised that this is what I am.

Now, I am 3x certified Salesforce Specialist, with sound knowledge on both configuring and customising Salesforce for customers, using Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Community Cloud. Currently working for a consumer product manufacturing company in Bangalore, I am helping employess to complete their day-to-day business activities and provide better support and experience to customers using Salesforce. Also, I am helping the organization to put Salesforce in roadmap for their new Digital Experience Initiative.

A recent Lightning App Dev Champion, I am helping community members and companies to unleash their dream of developing apps using Lightning Platform.

I am married, enjoying both my personal and professional life to fullest and also love to blog, watch movies and take my car for a ride whenever possible.

WHO AM I? I am Shyam Nair.