Continoution to my previous blog.

Today, I am going to talk about my favourite features for Lightning Platform.

More Container Support for Lightning Web Component

While creating custom Lightning Web Components (LWC), now you can implement them in more places like Visualforce, Lightning Out, Stand-alone apps. Also, you can use them during email integrations using Gmail or Outlook by using the target lighnting__Inbox.

Long Running Callouts using Continuations

By using Continuation class in apex, you can make a long-running request to external web services from an Aura component or LWC. An asyncronous callout made with a continuation doesn’t count toward the Apex limit of 10 syncronous requests that last longer than five seconds.


You can make upto 3 callouts using a single contiunation object. Remember, you can’t perform DML operations using a continuation object which is returned from an apex method.

Version Selection for Scratch Orgs

From Summer ’19, you will have a capability to create scartch orgs of previous, current or preview versions. This will come handy while testing your orgs for new releases. A new tag release can be set to either of the below values while creating a scratch org:

  • previous
  • current
  • preview

For example, let’s say if your org is in Summer ’19 version. When you create scratch orgs with above release versions, the outcome will be as follows:

Release ValueVersion Created
previousSpring ’19
currentSummer ’19
previewWinter ’20

Remember, you can start using this feature during Summer ’19 to Winter ’20 promotion.

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