Summer ’19 is already live for preview and today I am sharing some of my favourite features for Salesforce Community. Here we go.

ExperienceBundle (Developer Preview)

Salesforce has introduced a new metadatatype called ExperienceBundle in this release. Currently available only in Developer Orgs, all community builder settings and site components (pages, branding set, and themes) would be available in your development tool as human-reasable, text-based editable JSON file. This will give us more control while deploying communities during deployment.

In your editor, all Lightning Communities will be available in Experiences folder as shown below, which will contain subfolders representing different components that you can access via Community Builder.

Experiences folder will contain sub-folders representing different components.

Inorder to use this feature, you need to select Enable ExperienceBundle Metadata API in your org’s community settings.

Looking forward to experience the same.

Create and Publish Communities using Chatter REST API

With introduction of new resources in Chatter REST API, you can now create and publish new communities. Programmatically you can retrieve available templates and use them to create either Lightning or Salesforce Tab + Visualforce communities. For Lightning communities, you can publish them programmatically.

Hmm, must try that out.

Lightning Web Components for Community Cloud

Now using the second generation language called Lightning Web Component (LWC), you can build more faster and high performing Lightning components. Using LWC, you can increase the performance of your components by 20-50%.

Also, Salesforce has developed/enabled almost 80 Lightning base components built using LWC for Lightning communities.

It’s high time you upgrade your slow performing communities and make your customers happy!

Improved RecordList for Community

Now you can do more with Record List in communities, like configuring the related list, pin your favorite list view and most importantly, you can MASS UPDATE records from a Record List. How cool is that!!

You can perform mass updates in Related List.

For #AwesomeAdmins, configuring a Record List has become must easier. Now you can decide whether you need to enable inline editing, or hide/display list actions or evening decide where users can pin list views.

Now that’s my list of features for Community Cloud. What about yours? Comment your favorite feature from Summer ’19.

I will be writing blogs on my favourite features for Lightning Experience and Lightning Platform in coming days.


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