Hello folks, I AM BACK!!!

Hope you all are doing good. I am here to talk about some of my favorite features that have been released as part of Spring ’19 upgrade in Salesforce. You can get access to other features by clicking here. So let’s get started!!!

Pin Your Default List View

In my experince with Lighting projects, the most common issue that I have encountered was not able to set your default list view. Everytime when you load a tab, it always show you the Recently Viewed items. From Spring ’19, you can now set your favorite list view as default my pinning the list view.

In order to do so, select the list view that you want to make default, and then click the pin image next to the list view name as shown below:

Pin a List View by clicking the highlighed image.

Print A Record Page

You can know print a Lightning Page, along with related lists from a record page by clicking the Printable View button. NO MORE SCREENSHOTS!!!

CLick the Printable View button to print the record page.
Printable Page View.

Now With More Storage!!!!

Thanks to Salesforce, we will get more storage space, by increasing from 1GB to 10GB. Lets say, we have an org with 10 users. Below shows how the storage will be alloted.

EditionBefore Spring ’19After Spring ’19
Professional10 user * 20MB per user, for 200MB. Round up to 1GB total storage data.10 users * 20MB per user, for 200MB + 10GB. 10.2GB total data storage.
Unlimited10 users * 120MB, for 1.2GB total data storage.10 users * 120MB, for 1.2GB + 10GB. 11.2GB total data storage.

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