I am a #LightningChampion!!!

Hello everyone!!!!
Yes its long since I have posted. For the past an year, my worklife kept me away from blogging. Can’t complaint as it was hell of a ride. Thats’ what I like about my job as well. Anyways, I am back and I will ensure that I won’t step away from blogging again.

Now to break the news, recently Salesforce accepted my application to the Lightning Champion program, and yes now I am part of the prestigious tribe of LIGHTNING CHAMPIONS!!! It means, I will be a Trailblazer helping customers and memebers of Salesforce Ohana to build wonderful Lightning Apps. Also, I will be evagelizing Lightning App Development in all possible medium to ensure everyone knows what’s happening in the world of Lightning App Development.

So here we go. Watch this space for more blogs on Lightning. Also don’t miss to follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn for all the new updates. Also if you need any help on implementing some awesome apps in Lightning you can reach out to me on Trailblazer Community.

For now ADIOS!!!!


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