Hi Folks,

With immense pleasure, I would like to announce that I have passed the highest rank in Trailhead today.


When I started my journey with Trailhead, I made sure that I will complete at least 3 batches a day. I was not interested in being a Ranger soon, but the idea was to learn new things day by day. And I am sure you all know this famous quote:

“Slow and Steady Wins the Race!!!”

The reason behind sharing this news today is to encourage more awesome developers to join our community and learn fascinating things about Salesforce.com and related technologies. So don’t wait and join Trailhead today!!

My next step in this journey is to complete all Superbadges. And I am just one badge behind to accomplish this. So wish me luck!!!

Till then, Adios friends!!!!




5 thoughts on “Finally… I am a Trailhead Ranger!!!

    1. Hi, it’s not about how much you need to finish in a given time. Try spending an hour in a day on learning something from Trailhead.


    1. Its not about getting advantage. It’s a milestone to celebrate 100 badges that you have gained in Trailhead. The more to gain, the more you learn new things in SFDC.


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