Hi Friends,

As part of the Lightning Now Tour initiative by Salesforce, I got a chance to attend this amazing developer event in Bangalore. And I must say this, this has been the best hands-on experience I ever had in Lightning. The entire day, we were working on Lightning Experience. Hosted by Salesforce, the session was conducted by Shashank Shrivastava and Naga Kiran Manyala. The day started with 30 mins of introduction to the technology and then BOOM!!! We were all doing the hands-on workshop.

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The session started with 30 mins of introduction to the technology and then BOOM!!! We were all doing the hands-on workshop. The developer got a real taste of how Lightning Framework works.

There were a lot of takeaways after the session, which also includes some fun goodies!!!


The intention behind writing this blog is to share this workshop with a larger audience. And I believe that everyone should attempt it.

The workshop consisted of 5 declarative and 8 programmatic exercises as shown below:

Declarative Exercises:

Exercise 1 – Setup your Salesforce Org

Exercise 2 – Evaluate Lightning Experience, Create Permission Set & Enable Lightning Experience

Exercise 3 – Make your Classic App available in Lightning Experience & Explore Lightning Experience

Exercise 4 – Customize Business Processes and Report Charts

Exercise 5 – Create new Dreamhouse Lightning Console App

Programmatic Exercises:

Exercise 1 – Styling a Visualforce page for Lightning Experience

Exercise 2 – Modifying the Visualforce Markup for Lightning Experience

Exercise 3 – Using a Visualforce page in a Lightning Experience page

Exercise 4 – Creating a “Hello World” Lightning Component

Exercise 5 – Creating a “Similar Properties” Lightning Component

Exercise 6 – Leveraging force:recordPreview

Exercise 7 – Using Lightning Components Everywhere

Exercise 8 – Using Lightning Components in Visualforce Pages


Complete all exercises and you will know a lot about Lightning.

You can also access the workshop by clicking here. And also please post all your queries under the comments section.

Till my next blog, Adios!!!




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