Hello friends!!!

As you all may know, Salesforce.com has started recently a pilot program for their most awaited, super cool development tool called Salesforce DX. Participants who have joined this program should have already received pilot org. So I would like to share a very important point here.

Salesforce should have already set up a new Dev Hub org for you. With this org, you can create up to 9 additional users for Salesforce DX Pilot. So please ensure that you give access to your colleagues to collaborate and be part of this program.

Also should have received documents related to setup and other features for Salesforce DX. So please refer them carefully before you start and also share them to the new users you create.

I will be sharing my first impression about the tool in my next blog.

So what you guys are waiting for? Let’s get started!!!


Salesforce DX is a brand new developer experience that will change the way we build Salesorce Apps. The tool will provide and integrated, end-to-end life cycle designed for high-performance agile development.

The key features of the tool are:



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