First of all, I am overwhelmed with the love, support, encouragement and blessings bestowed on me by all of you for my first blog, How I became a Salesforce Developer!!! Thanks to all for letting me have this moment.

I was thinking for a while about my next blog. And when I checked few comments in LinkedIn, most common question I came through was to how to become a Salesforce Developer. And hence I decided to answer it through this blog.

There are many ways to get trained in Salesforce. The first and foremost is Trailhead!!! Trailhead is a great platform provided by Salesforce, where you can learn Salesforce technology in capacity of role that you choose. You can start the journey as a Administrator, Developer or a Business User. Choose the path you want to follow and develop your skills. By learning, you can also gain badges and points. The more you earn, the better your skillset be. I would say its a must to start your journey here.

Next you need to join Salesforce Developer Community, where you will get all resources related to Salesforce. This includes documents, e-books, cheatsheets, PDFs and release notes. Also you can post your queries which will be answered by other members.

The next thing you need to do is to join the Salesforce Developer Group. Go to Meetup, create an account, and join the Salesforce Developer Group in our region. By joining the group, you can attend some really cool meetings, sessions and events hosted for Salesforce. By joining the community you can meet other developers who can give you the right guidance.

The other way to learn Salesforce it to get certified. Gaining Saleforce Certification adds value to your resume. Again, you choose your certifications as per the role you choose. Again gaining certification is a costly affair, where each certificate will cost atleast 200 USD. But if you can afford one, it will be great. For more information, visit Salesforce University.

Hope I have given enough information to answer the question. One more thing i would like to mention here is that Salesforce has given the rigtht opportunity for you all to learn and develop your skills around Salesforce.com. So utilize them to the maximum and explore the wonderful world of this amazing technology.

I wish all new begineers the best for future.

This is Shyam Nair signing off!!!


  1. Hi Shyam, This blog is very informative. Salesforce is a great business enabler for almost all Fortune 500 organization and through this blog you have opened a window of opportunity to many young techies. Please continue your efforts in helping the new generation.


  2. It’s really very nice article .
    I have some concern regarding the same , currently I am working in mainframe stream .
    I have one year of total experience in my Career but I want to move into sales force domain please suggest me from where I should start and how can I show my experience jn sales force.


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