How I became a Salesforce Developer?

My first post, quite exciting. Before I write anything technical I thought of telling you all how I end up becoming a SALESFORCE DEVELOPER.

I graduated from an engineering college in the year of 2008, a period when entire world was suffering from the outcome of 2008 Recession. I was clueless about what to do in my life as feeling of joblessness was really hurting. Then with help of my cousins, I end up joining a BPO and worked there till 2010. The job was tiring, but it was a big relief for me.

During this period, I searched for IT jobs and even learned JAVA and Advanced JAVA, thinking this might help me on getting a job in software company. By doing this, it was already 2 years and nothing worked for me.

It was on September 2010, when I got my first IT job. I was finally happy about the fact that I will be working in IT industry. I went through induction and fresher training. Despite gaining a certification on JAVA from Sun Mycrosystems (now Oracle Corporation), they enrolled me to learn .NET.

After 2 months of training, I joined an account who deals with a US-based retail giant. But luck didn’t favour there too as they weren’t looking for a fresher. For next 2 weeks, I was coming office and chatting with other members. I was pretending to enjoy things there, but inside I was losing hope.

On the 4th week, my Account Manager called me. I thought she called me to let me know that I might have to look for another client/account. But to my surprise she was speaking about this new technology called SALESFORCE.COM. She said there is a new project where I must support the client’s instance. I immediately agreed to take up the assignment, my first project.

For the next 2 months, I learned Salesforce with all available resources online, training videos, posts and then famous Warehouse and Recruitment Application PDF. After 2 months, I started supporting the application in capacity of Salesforce System Administrator. For the next 8 months, I spend most of the time learning Apex, Visualforce, Triggers, Approval Process, Workflows, etc. and supporting the application. I was a star among the team as there were no other person who knows Salesforce. Then I gradually started doing enhancements where I must code. Few more enhancement projects and I was an expert in customization.

Today after 8 years from the day I graduated, I am working for an IT giant in Bangalore as Lead Consultant/Technical Lead. I am part of a team of nerds who develop applications in Salesforce Lightning. I am 3X Certified and is currently learning Lightning Bolt Framework. I am also addicted to Trailhead, and always wonder why Salesforce was late on releasing this great platform.

Though my journey was like those terrifying rides in amusement parks, though I had to go through lot of difficulties, today I am proud to say that I AM A SALESFORCE DEVELOPER!!!!

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